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ARREST and cage opposition leaders that are in the habit of misleading Zambians that Government is exaggerating Covid-19 figures to stop the opposition from campaigning ahead of the August 12, General Election, the Bishops Council of Zambia has demanded.

BCZ General Secretary Bishop Abel Kaela said the misleading statements coming from some political party leaders if not stopped has the potential to derail the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic that continue to claim many lives of the citizens.

He said it is sad that the opposition has chosen to deliberately mislead Zambians that the ruling party is working with some government institutions like the Ministry of Health to cook up figures about the Covid-19 situation in the country with a view of stopping the opposition from holding rallies ahead of polls.

He said some opposition political parties were only interested in winning elections at the expense of the health and lives of the people but wondered if everyone was to die from Covid-19, who was going to vote for the same people who are doubting the existence of the pandemic.

“We are saddened as a Church that despite the escalated Covid-19 cases, not only in Zambia but in other countries as well, some opposition leaders still want to make the public believe that the Government is lying about the figures,” he said.

Bishop Kaela said no one should be allowed to politicise the Covid-19 pandemic as it was a global problem which requires the effort of every good citizen of the world to get involved if it was to be defeated.

He said the BCZ was grateful to the Electoral Commission of Zambia for taking a positive step to ban physical political rallies as this will help minimising the spread of the virus.

Bishop Kaela also appealed to all political parties to be responsible and ensure that the health guidelines on Covid-19, as guided by the Ministry of Health is strictly adhered to.

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