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JOSEPH Akafumba is not fit to be a leader because anyone who calls for the disregard of the law is   trying to cause anarchy, PF Media Director Antonio Mwanza has said.

Mr Mwanza said Mr Akafumba’s calls on political parties to disobey   ECZ suspension of public rallies amid a spike in COVID- 19 cases, shows that the opposition leader does not mean well for the country hence promoting lawlessness.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Mwanza said Mr Akafumba was not fit to be leader and the police should move and enforce the law.

“These characters who are inciting disobedience, they are actually inciting civil strike and the police should move in and crack their whip, we have   laws, we are a country with laws, we are have a legitimate government in place,” he said

He said politicians like Mr Akafumba do not have any level of responsibility to the Zambian people making it easy for them to make reckless comments.

“Such people are reckless and irresponsible and the police must lock them up and charge him for inciting lawlessness,” he explained.

This comes after Mr Akafumbu said ECZ was working hand-in-hand with the PF towards cancelling rallies and to eventually cancel the elections.

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