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PATRIOTIC Front members should not sink so low to retaliate against the barbaric attacks by UPND cadres because doing so would degenerate the situation into profanity and uncontrollable levels, PF Secretary General Davis Mwila has said.

In a statement by PF deputy media director Edwin Lifwekelo, Mr Mwila said his party had noted with dismay and regret the continued perpetration of systematic judicial tribal killings and political violence taking place especially in perceived UPND dominated constituencies.

And the Patriotic Front has called on the Zambia Police to arrest Opposition UPND cadres that damaged property and caused widespread injuries to PF members and members of the Public.

Mr Mwila has stated that before approval for a public procession is granted, marshalls sign guarantees that such a procession will be peaceful and without violence and disturbances.

Mr. Mwila has called on the Police to arrest and charge the UPND Marshalls and hold them accountable for the destruction to public property and injuries.

“This tribal war being perpetrated by some selfish politicians must be stopped with immediate effect. These outdated tribal and divisive politics have no room in Zambian politics,” Mr Mwila said.

He said the UPND leadership was inciting violence because they have sensed defeat and were not ready to accept the results of August 12 polls.

Mr Mwila has however appealed to his party members to remain peaceful even when they were provoked beyond measure.

He said President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has always preached peace and that no one must be allowed to cultivate political violence or kill the other person because of politics.

Mr Mwila called upon the Zambia police service to arrest anyone perpetrating violence regardless of political affiliation, because, “everyone must be made to account for their actions”.

He said the forthcoming election must be conducted on ideas and issue based politics

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