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Dear Editor,

IN Matero Township, where I grew up, we had no rugby. So I knew nothing about that sport until when I was assigned, as a cub reporter, to cover the rugby game between Lusaka Powerhouse and Diggers at Lusaka showgrounds.

I had no clue about the game. After a few inquiries with club officials, I was directed to a reporter, Martin Musunka, of Times of Zambia.

“He will help you,” I was told as I reached out to him.

Not sure how a reporter from a rival newspaper will help me with rugby rules and scoring system, I reluctantly reached out to Martin. I was from the Post newspaper.

“I am here as a rugby official and not reporter,” he said.

That is how the bond of many years between Martin and I was established. We became involved in sports administration and served in different roles and capabilities.

“Mwisho…” is how he addressed me for years until he changed to “ba counsel.” We later worked together as Board members of the defunct Media Trust Fund (MTF) and Media Law Reforms Committee where he represented the Zambia Union of Journalists (ZUJ) while I was head of MISA-Zambia.

Rest in Peace Martin. The sports and journalism fraternity will miss you!DICKSON JERE.   

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