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DEPOSITS of gold have remained unexploited in Kaputa National Park, forcing the local chief to ask Government to decide what was more important between gold mining and tourism.

Chief Kaputa of the Tabwa has called on the government through the Ministry of Mines and Tourism to have a round table meeting between them and prioritise what is of more advantageous between mining and tourism attraction in the Kaputa National Park.

The traditional leader was speaking with Mano News via phone yesterday.

Chief Kaputa said there are mineral resources in the district such as gold which have remained untapped owing to the fact that they are found in the national park, belonging to the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and National Parks Department.

The traditional leader stated that it is for this reason that he was appealing to the two-line ministries to consider coming up with a round table meeting and find out what could be of more advantageous at the moment between  mining or tourism attraction for wild animals.

He said the onus is upon the Ministry of Tourism to take a survey depending on the number of animals which are in some parts where mineral deposits are found, before allowing mining activities.

Chief Kaputa said Government should consider empowering his subjects by giving them small scale concession mining licences for them to benefit from the natural resources in the  chiefdom.

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