FOOTBALL Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Andrew Kamanga says he has started preparation for his retirement out of Football House by starting an academy.

Kamanga says he will soon announce the formation of his academy so as to continue serving football outside FAZ.

Kamanga has urged former football players and administrators to continue contributing to football in many ways even after their retirement.

And Kamanga said there is need to create a platform for soccer legends to continue contributing to the development of football even after the end of their playing careers.

“We implore former footballers and administrators to continue to contribute to football development in Zambia in different ways even after their time. In fact I can share with you I have been involved myself in club football for many years and I have served in FAZ for my second term. But I’m also alive to the fact that my football interest should not end when my term office in FAZ ends,’’ Kamanga said.

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‘’I even encouraged Mbesuma (Collins) when he came to share with me his idea of his academy, I encouraged him to go ahead that even myself I am looking at life beyond my term at FAZ.  I’m already developing an academy which will pre occupy me once my time in FAZ is gone at least this way I will be able to contribute to football beyond our present activities,’’

The FAZ president said he was already advanced in setting up an academy and it would be his retirement from football so that he could continue working with boys and girls in developing the game.

He will after his retirement focus more on talent identification of young boys and girls.

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