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Dear Editor,

CHAPTER 21 of the Patriotic Front explains the previous reforms and the future plans President Edgar Lungu’s Government will implement in the education sector.

This is because, the PF takes cognizance on the equality of opportunities that are brought as a result of having access to a quality educational system that is responsive to the modern day challenges of our time.

This is even the hallmark upon which the pro-poor policies of the PF and the vulnerable people can have a sustainable future using education as a medium.

Education is among the founding principles which was the integral basis upon which the PF was formed and the party in Government has given the education sector the highest proportion in resource allocation.

As in 2021, the PF prides itself as having built 14, 235 primary schools, 4, 690 secondary schools, 14 trade schools and seven universities in addition to the ongoing rehabilitation of the existing colleges and universities.

As regards formal education, the PF Government has integrated technical and vocational education to inculcate the entrepreneurial culture among the educated population as a way to make them venture into sustainable activities.

This has been strengthened with the establishment of the Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (METS), schools of excellence in all provinces and progressively to districts before rolling out to all schools.

The resource allocation has been in a non-discriminatory way and the persons living with disabilities have been earmarked to receive a fair share as the government rolls out the educational programmes.

Within the stretch of 10 years Government increased the salaries for public service workers and in turn has consistently facilitated the training and recruitment of teachers.

The private sector has also been integraded to supplement the efforts of the government in delivery of educational services.

To deliver the services that are responsive to the modern day world, Government has also revised the curricula, to ensure that agriculture, ICT and mathematics are compulsory subjects in all schools.

To make education affordable, the government also presided over a transition from the bursary scheme to the student’s loan which is likely to support students from public and private universities.



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