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Malama warns of stringent measures


Government will be compelled to take stringent measures if people continue disregarding the Covid-19 guidelines, Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Kennedy Malama has warned.

He said it was unfortunate that people were still relaxed in adhering to covid 19 guidelines despite the surge in the number of cases and deaths.

Dr Malama said the non-compliance to covid 19 guidelines would leave the authorities with no option but to take stringent measures.

He said it was appalling that compliance levels had remained low despite Secretary to the Cabinet Simon Miti directing law enforcement agencies to enforce the Covid-19 guidelines.

“People will now be forced to do things which they would have done on their own accord because we cannot continue seeing people dying like this,” Dr Malama said.

He said people on public transport would not be forced to mask up throughout and sanitize to stop further spread of the pandemic.

Dr Malama said Zambia Police Service, Road Transport Safety Agency (RATSA)and other law enforcement agencies would be on high alert to ensure 100 per cent compliance with guidelines on the public roads.

“Funerals will not be attended by more than 50 people and public health inspectors and police will be deployed to enforce compliance,” he said.

Dr Malama however said the enforcement of stringent measures would cost the country huge sums of money.

“Enforcement of these stringent measures will come with costs because funds that should directed to health or education will now be used to enforce compliance,” Dr Malama said.

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