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By ANDREW MUKOMA INSPECTOR General of the Zambia Police Kakoma Kanganja has called for a close collaboration between the media and the police service.

Mr Kanganja said this is to cement the fragile relationship that exists between the police and the media. He has observed that the police and the media share a symbolic relationship and are mutually dependent on each other.

 Speaking when he opened a four-days media training and a practical course in safety and security, standards, and ethics of good conduct for journalists drawn from Southern, Lusaka, Eastern, Copperbelt and Western underway at Liyayi Police Training College yesterday, Mr Kanganja said, the media need the police to supply them with information about crime and crime trends that interest the readers, listener and viewers.

The workshop has been organised by Bloggers of Zambia with financial support from the Germany government. And in a virtual address during the opening ceremony, Germany Ambassador to Zambia Anne Weather Mitchel appealed to the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to ensure police service protect the country’s democracy and rule of law during this year’s General Elections.

 She noted that it is under this background the Embassy calls on the police and media to create and provide a conducive political space in Zambia as the nation heads of the polls on August 12, 2021. She said that police and media are expected to play a critical role during the elections. And Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has called on media houses particularly radio stations to ensure they put in safety and security measures for the protection of employees, political leaders who they host and also the property.

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