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FORMER NAREP Secretary General, Ezra Ngulube, and his cronies are bitter because they lost the court case where they were challenging my election as NAREP president, Steven Nyirenda has said.

Mr Nyirenda said Mr Ngulube should stop getting emotional just because he and his colleagues lost the court case.

He said Mr Ngulube and his colleagues had no following and that they should just wait for August 12 to see NAREP succeed.

“He is a young man who needs to spend some time learning about life and how to conduct himself,” Mr Nyirenda said.

He however said he was ready to work with everyone including the people who took him to court, adding that he was a leader for all whether they like him or not.

He said he respected the wishes of other people such as Mr Charles Maboshe and Mr. Ngulube who had decided to endorse the UPND but those were not the wishes of NAREP.

 “In NAREP we don’t discredit people and we don’t insult people,” Mr Nyirenda added.

But Mr Ngulube said Mr Nyirenda was a candidate who was claiming to be sponsored by NAREP but in actual sense he was not and would not even manage to get 0.9 percent in the August 12 elections.

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