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INFIGHTING among PF members should stop and all must work towards convincing Zambians to vote for President Edgar Lungu and other ruling party candidates, a member of the PF central committee, Jean Kapata, has said.

Ms Kapata said local leaders in Lusaka and other areas must make sure that youths unite and stop fighting among themselves. To Pg 2

She said in an interview that with the August 12 elections around the corner, there was no time for bitterness and divisions within the party.

Ms Kapata advised PF members who might be aggrieved because they were left out during the adoption process or might have quarrelled during intraparty elections to put differences aside and look at the bigger picture.

She said all genuine members must respect the decisions of the party and support candidates who have been selected.

Ms Kapata, who is former Lands and Natural Resources minister said all members must be working towards securing votes for the party as a united front.

“I know that most of the differences in our party came about because of the intraparty elections. But the elections and every vote counts,” she said.

Ms Kapata called for unity and reconciliation to ensure that all structures deliver for the party.

She said aspiring candidates who were left out should be incorporated if they want to work.

Ms Kapata said even the executive committees of the party could be increased to incorporate more people.

“If the constituency leadership is composed of 24 people, it can be increased to 48 so that all are incorporated,” she said.

And a PF official, Lemmy Bwalya said as nation closely approach the election date, PF should broaden the size of the structures.

Mr Bwalya said despite working extra hard in infrastructure development and other areas, it was still important to look at the upcoming elections technically.

“We need to recap all those that were with us during time prior to adoptions and see how best we can be reconciled with them for the benefits of the party and the President,” he said.

Mr Bwalya said the 50 percent plus one threshold for a winning Presidential candidate was deadly if taken for granted.

He also called on the party leadership to also look at how the relationship with independent candidates could be harnessed for the good of the party.

“It’s time to work and defend the presidency, otherwise, losing power to the opposition party will be digging our own Graves, due to bitterness and vengeance they have been preaching about. These guys can cut our buttocks,” he said.

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