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THE protection of employment in the mines is a big score for the Patriotic Front, Rainbow Party general secretary, Wynter Kabimba has said.

Mr Kabimba said his party has thrown its full weight behind President Edgar Lungu and PF in the August 12 polls.

Mr Kabimba, once a fierce critic of President Lungu´s leadership now says his record of success “out-weighs” any possible challenges during PF’s reign.  

He said this during the Sunday Interview Programme on ZNBC last night.

“The PF story especially around infrastructure development is visible and cannot be challenged by anyone,” Mr Kabimba said.

He said PF had scored full marks, not just in the road sector but also in the energy sector that shall make Zambia energy sufficient and end power shortages.

“My brother, we as Rainbow Party decided to partner with the PF because we believe the PF has done a lot from infrastructure development, raised the threshold of pay-as-you earn (PAYE) successfully implementation of social cash transfer and the protection of employment in the mines,” he said.

When asked him why he was backing President Lungu when sections of Zambians appear discontented, he said every country had challenges.

“In America bwana, there are over 72 million Americans who are jobless and that tells you that no country is doing fine and on that we ought to be a nation of truth when we are talking about the economy,” said Mr Kabimba.

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