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WE will embark on door-to-door campaign in Roan constituency to explain the projects I have done within two years as Member of Parliament (MP), UPND candidate Joseph Chishala has said.

Mr Chishala said in Luanshya that he would retain the seat as he was confident that the people of Roan would vote for him, having delivered development in his two years in office.

He said during his ward visitations that he had set a firm stage for development in various areas of the constituency.

Mr Chishala said from the time he was elected MP, he only received Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in 2020.

He said he received K 1.5 milliom, which he said was not enough for a constituency like Roan

“As we form Government in August, I want to appeal to the incoming President Hakainde Hichilema to increase the CDF to K5 million, he is a listening President and I know he will do it.

“I would like to urge my ward officials to play the role of campaign managers to go in the field door to door and explain the projects I have done within two years as most people don’t seem to know what I have done,” Mr Chishala said.

He added: ” Through the 2020 CDF,  I managed to buy a community tractor, a Genset for Roan Hospital, as you know when power goes the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Maternity ward it’s a disaster.

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