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AN independent candidate for the Zambezi town chairperson George Njolomba says there is need for the council to repair the Chinyingi suspended bridge.

The bridge connects the Zambezi East and the Chinyingi area on the Zambezi River.

Mr Njolomba said in an interview that the bridge which was constructed by the Catholic missionaries in the 70s had not been rehabilitated for a long time.

He said that people of Kapewe, Chimbunda and Chimbangala rely on the same bridge for them to access health services as well as education.

“Therefore, if the bridge collapses, it will mean people won’t be able to access these services, they will be cut off completely. And that is why am there is need to have the bridge rehabilitated,” he said.

Mr Njolomba said if elected as council chairman, he would make the bridge a priority using the Constituency Development Fund to have it repaired.

He said currently the local authority was collecting revenue from timber business but the proceeds were not being used to the benefit of the people.

He said if given an opportunity to run the council, he would ensure that all the revenue collected benefited the people.

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