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ZAMBIANS must vote for President Edgar Lungu and his parliamentary and local government candidates because they have proved their generosity and capacity to support the vulnerable using their own personal resources in their respective constituencies and wards.

PF Chimwemwe Constituency parliamentary candidate Allen Banda said Zambians must vote for President Lungu and all the PF candidates because they have proved to be a caring and responsible team, while the UPND was a stingy and selfish team which wanted to use Zambians to ascend to power.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday, Mr Banda said it was clear that the UPND candidates starting from party president Hakainde Hichilema to his councillors were selfish individuals who wanted to use Zambians to ascend to power through misleading them.

He said if the UPND genuinely cared for Zambians, they would have demonstrated love for them by using their own personal resources to empower them especially in this time of Covid 19 .

“But because they are so self-centered and only want to use the electorate to ascend to power, they have decided to use the effects of Covid 19 to decampaign President Lungu and the PF.  As a party claiming that it will form the next government, it should show love and care to Zambians by helping them in times of need. “We expected UPND to find ways of alleviating the sufferings of the majority, especially those affected by the Covid 19, but they have done nothing, apart from politicizing the whole issue. President Lungu and his team are the ones working hard to see how people can survive in this difficult time,” Mr Banda said

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