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TRADERS involved in the illegal importation of Covid -19 test kits on the Zambia market have been warned of legal action.

Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) said it would institute legal action against traders involved in the illegal activity in line with the Medicines and Allied Substances Act No.3 of 2013.

Senior public relations officer, Christabel Illiamupu said in a statement that the illegal Covid -19 test kits being imported was a concern.

She said the illegal importation has the potential to increase the entry of substandard products on the Zambian market.

Ms Illiamupu said ZAMRA has engaged the Ministry of Health pathology and laboratory services unit to ensure that only COVID -19 test kits that meet the set standards of quality safety and performance were available for use in Zambia.

“All legally authorized dealers of medical devices are advised to liaise with ZAMRA and the Ministry of Health before any importation of COVID -19 test kits is initiated for regulatory and technical guidance,” she said. Ms lliamupu said only COVID -19 test kits listed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for emergency use would be allowed to be imported into the country.

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