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PLAYERS in the informal sector must fully utilise empowerment initiatives from Government and also pay back the revolving funds for others to benefit from the same funds, Association of Vendors, Traders and Marketeers of Zambia (AVTMZ) has said

AVTMZ Deputy Secretary General, Henry Mutambo, said Government’s decision to empower various players in the informal sector was to help them boost their capital base and grow their businesses.

He said it was against such a background that beneficiaries ought to show commitment by properly and fully utilising the government initiative.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday, Mr Mutambo said the fight against poverty should not be left to Government alone, but should be fought with concerted efforts from all stakeholders.

Mr Mutambo also said beneficiaries of the revolving funds must also pay back the funds so that others could benefit from the same resources.

“If we fail to utilise these funds properly, we are defeating Government’s efforts of fighting poverty and we should not blame anyone, but blame ourselves for failing to embrace the initiative and efforts of poverty alleviation,’’ Mr Mutambo said.

Mr Mutambo said Government had been committed and so it was important that the relationship was maintained.

He said, apart from giving empowerment, Government has constructed modern markets, rehabilitated the old ones.

“I think Government has demonstrated that it is a genuine ally of the informal sector players through empowerment and infrastructure development like modern markets,” he said.

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