Stop embarrassing yourself, Young told


ACQUAINT yourself with the Zambian constitution before commenting on internal matters that do not even concern you, to avoid embarrassing yourself, Green Party (GP) president Peter Sinkamba has advised US Embassy Chargé d’Affaires, David Young. 

Mr Young has come under fire for his negative and unfair comments on the August 12, general election.   

Recently, the American Ambassador reportedly said the Zambia Army should not intervene to maintain peace in the country. 

Mr Sinkamba said the American Ambassador’s comments are wrong, extremely irresponsible and hypocritical, because apart from protecting the territorial integrity of the country, the Zambia army is also responsible for maintaining peace in the country.

He said Mr Young should be reminded that Article 192(2) of the Constitution provides that the Defence Force shall preserve and defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic and co-operate with other State organs and State institutions in times of public emergencies and national disasters.

He also reminded Mr Young that not long time ago, the American Government which he represents, deployed the National Guards to Capitol Hill to deal with unruly supporters of former US President Donald Trump who raided parliament on 6 January 2021.

“Even in the US, the army often intervenes to maintain peace or to prevent breakdown of law and order. For example, recently, the American army intervened to maintain peace at Capitol Hill when Donald Trump supporters raided parliament on 6 January 2021,” he said.  

Mr Sinkamba also said that during the several Black Lives Matter protests across the US, following the brutal murder of George Floyd by Police, the US Government deployed the army to quell the protests.

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