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THE Ndola City Council has reinforced the number of staff deployed to bus stations and markets to boost the local authority’s revenue.

 Council police officers and members of the revenue task force have been deployed to these places. According to the council, this is to ensure that bus stops and markets do not have political party cadres collecting revenue from traders or bus operators.

A check showed that all Patriotic Front ‘flags’ had been brought down in public facilities that were invaded by political cadres. At Kabompo bus stop, all PF cadres were not in sight including the Chifubu bus stop where operators and passengers went about their business without interference.

This comes after Presidentelect, Hakainde Hichilema during his address said that his Government would not tolerate political party cadres collecting revenue. The move has been welcomed by the general public which advised the council to continue putting measures that would enhance sanity in the stations and trading areas.

 Council officers and the task force have so far visited Chisokone Market, Mulungushi Bus Station, Broadway Bus Stop and Hospital Bus Stop. The council has however described the situation in these places as calm.

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