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…it will curb graft in new government


INTRODUCING lifestyle audit for public office bearers and strengthening systems that guard against abuse of public resources will help the new government curb corruption, former Finance Minister Ng’andu Magande has said.

Mr Magande said lifestyle audit for public office bearers and strengthening institutions like the Anti-Corruption commission (ACC) could be a good idea.

He said President Hakainde Hichilema was lucky to have had 10 Heads of State and other foreign dignitaries attend his inauguration, from whose countries Zambia could learn how best to handle corruption.

Mr Magande said that the government should also work on strengthening rules that govern the use of public properties and put people in positions who would be accountable and transparent.

“We’ve been seeing government vehicles being used to carry people for weddings,” he said.

He also said the declarations of assets by presidential candidates should not be done away with because it helps citizens keep them in check when the candidates form government.

Mr Magande said that the declaration of assets should not just end with presidential candidates and ministers but should also trickle down to permanent secretaries and directors.

“We don’t want issues like what had happened with the former minister of Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya to repeat itself,” he said.

He said in the previous regime, some people who had nothing before they assumed office, now own half of the capital city.

The former Finance Minister said such sad occurrence especially should not be tolerated in the new government.

Mr. Magande said that giving autonomy to ACC and other law enforcement agencies would help gain back the confidence from the people.

He said when there is a government that is serious in fighting corruption, even an ordinary citizen can be part of the checking system by reporting any suspicions to the ACC.

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