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WE shall respect and hear the views of the opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) no matter their numbers, UPND spokesperson, Cornelius Mweetwa has assured.

Mr Mweetwa who is re-elected Choma Central MP, said this in response to concerns from the people that the UPND would slowly turn the country into a one-party state by petitioning for most of the parliamentary seats.

He stated in an interview that despite being a majority in parliament, the UPND leaders were oblivious to the fact that they owe it to Zambians who have given them the mandate to do things better than their predecessor, the Patriotic Front (PF) .

Mr Mweetwa said the UPND would not skit about the victory because it belongs to Zambians, who voted for the party and its alliance partners in protest against political impunity, cadrerism, violence, and corruption.

“For us, in the UPND and UPND Alliance, we shall respect and hear the views of the opposition no matter their number even if they are 10, they are 20, they are 30, we are an absolute majority as the case is.

“This absolute majority does not belong to UPND or UPND Alliance, it belongs to the people of Zambia to tell us to say politicians do not take people for granted, this was the protest vote against political impunity, cadrerism, violence and corruption, no one should brag about it,” he said.

He said explained that it was not the desire of the party and its alliance partners that many parliamentary seats should be petitioned but that some losing candidates have petitioned the elections pursuant to the rule of law.

Mr Mwewtwa however warned that those who were committing acts of impunity in the misguided belief that they would win the election by dishing out money to buy votes should be made to account for their action.

“It is not the wish of UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema, it’s not the wish of the Vice President, it’s not the wish of anybody, the rule of law must reign supreme, for us as a party, we have a party position, we don’t want to waste time in petitions, we have time to look at issues to do with the development of the country, that is our position,” he said.

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