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FORMER House of Chiefs Chief Whip has charged that some traditional leaders betrayed the PF in the just general election because of their selfish interest at the expense of the suffering of their subjects.

Chief Katyetye of the Tambo speaking people of Isoka district in Muchinga Province said he had been truthful about the political situation on the ground and this did not go well with fellow traditional leaders.

He that some traditional leaders were against him for he was honest to tell off the PF what was needed in his chiefdom and the country at large.

The traditional leader said that had his fellow traditional leaders been dishonest with the PF about the problems in chiefdoms, it would have been so easy for the PF to remain in power.

He said some chief mislead the PF and the out-going head of state about the popularity when in fact the situation ion the ground was different.

Chief Katyetye said traditional leaders put their first personal interest of lying to the PF that everything on the ground was well after receiving gifts such as money.

The traditional leader has since advised the new government to be listening to what people want, so that it does not lose popularity as was the case with the PF.

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