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Dear Editor,

“THE emotional vote, populist vote and protest vote always comes with incompetent human capital, unreasonable demands and unattainable targets from the electorate,” says losing Lusaka Central Constituency aspiring DP candidate. And he is very right because it’s rarely based on a verifiable alternative development agenda that should render the existing one obsolete.

However, a wise and hardworking administration can take use group think as an opportunity to prove its point, in a political space where intellectual debates get little attention.

In most cases, however, many high expectations remain just that, expectations, unfulfilled promises with situations getting worse in other instances as many Zambians have been left wondering what the UPND Government meant with a cadre-free environment.

Even before the President-elect could finish his maiden address as Head of State in waiting, his cadres were on the streets doing the opposite of what was expected of them. But in a country of Christian values that amplify belief in miracles and suppress evidence-based critical thinking, political movements are not swayed by how change would be attained but rather what change promises, whether it is realised or not is a discussion for the next campaign period.’ ‘OBJECTIVE THINKER.

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