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PATRIOTIC Front (PF) members and Zambians in general must not speak ill of President Edgar Lungu after his election loss, but give him the respect, PF Copperbelt deputy media director Munalula Moola has said. He said President Lungu deserves respect and recognition because under his reign he did his best to set the stage for economic recovery and national development.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday, Mr Moola said it was sad that after the loss of the August elections, some people who pretended to be loyal to the President were now failing to show their loyalty to him. Mr Moola said President Lungu had provided quality leadership to the people of Zambia and deserved to be given respect as opposed to being perceived as though he did nothing to this country.

“Loyalty is very important in life even in mere friendship, you need loyal friends. This is why for me, I will remain loyal to President Lungu because he was a tolerant and understanding leader who was humble and had respect for other people. He also believed in God during difficult times. “I can tell you that even the benefits which Zambians may start benefiting under the leadership of President elect Hakainde Hichilema were started by the good works of President Lungu.

 Let us learn to have respect for our former leaders” Mr Moola said. Mr Moola said the loss of the August elections was a sad development for the PF but the good thing was that it had exposed those who were not loyal party members but only interested in benefiting from positions given to them.

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