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PATROTIC Front (PF) members abandoning the party after losing the August 12 election are treacherous, former PF chairman for elections Yamfwa Mukanga has said.

He has since called on PF members to work together and rebuild the party for the betterment of the nation.

In an interview, Mr Mukanga also pleaded with PF members not to abandon the party because it was no longer in power, but to rebuild it.

Mr Mukanga said this was not the time to start running away from the party, but to stick to it even in bad times.

He however observed that Zambia being a democratic nation, everybody has a right to make their preferred decisions.

“All those PF members who are thinking of leaving the party now, should rescind their decision, because this this when we need each other and ensure that we rebuild the party. Therefore, there is no need to abandon the party,” Mr Mukanga said.

He said there was need to remain united so that the party could now become the most strong opposition party to offer checks and balances to the government in power.

Mr Mukanga charged that those who were leaving the party were not loyal, but were treacherous characters who should be condemned.

He also advised that there should be no finger pointing, but to work together and remain united.

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