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They forget so fast

Dear Editor,

ACCORDING to UPND’s myopic thinking, the principle of ministers and government officials not living luxurious lives applies to government properties and not private.

It means they can drive Ma VX, Ma Infinity etc as long as it’s theirs. Remember, these are the people who were criticism former Foreign Affairs Minister in the PF administration Mr Joe Malanji for buying a Helicopter, that he was not leading by example since he was a leader.

You see now? Chiwamila galu kuluma mbuzi.

What they are doing is the same as someone who claims to be a Nazarene or vegetarian but still eats eggs, fish etc.

When you say you are a vegetarian, you shouldn’t eat anything to do with blood, even ma Jiggies, eat only those with flavours like onion, carrot not iya barbeque or chicken. Be a vegetarian in all spheres.

That’s the situation here, let them be simple even in their private affairs. Efyo baletweba.


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