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Dear Editor,

This is not for the faint hearted.

A big ZERO subtracted by a smaller or bigger zero or a cluster of small zeros is still ZERO.

Noto ki noto!

Zambia has been poisoned by TRIBALISM. The prescription being swelled in tribal balancing is “poisonous.”

To attempt to resolve TRIBALISM with tribal balancing is TRIBALISM. Adultery is not resolved by an adulterous relationship – a wrong plus another wrong is not a right

Jesus taught against an “eye for eye,” “tooth for a tooth,” Let me paraphrase- a tribe for a tribe

When Moses’ father-in-law observed his leadership style, he advised for delegation. Jethro told him to appoint or look for ABLE men, those who FEAR GOD, men of TRUTH, and hating COVETOUSNESS. (Add women in modern politics). The easier route would have been find a man from each tribe.

President Hakainde Hichilema at the official opening of parliament spoke of the quality of people he wants to serve with such as are:

– Preoccupied with a call to duty and selfless service;

– Given to hard work and delivery;

– Work together;

– Ethical and possess integrity,

– Transparent and accountable, professional, to mention a few.

The constitution outlines our national values and principles as:

a) Morality and ethics;

b) Patriotism and national unity;

c) Democracy and constitutionalism;

d) Human divinity, equity, social justice, and non-discrimination;

e) Good governance and integrity and

f) Sustainable development.

These are the qualities we should be looking for in people to serve plus competence not tribe or tribe balancing.

Tribe can never be balanced. That’s God’s choice.

So a list of PSs and parastatal chiefs is doing rounds. How do those who believe in “tribal balancing” intend to remedy it? Sack? These people should go but on competence not tribal balancing.

I am anti TRIBALISM – there is no good or bad but only ugly tribalism.

One of the reasons I quit the PF central committee in 2010 was the discovery that I was serving as a cherry on the cake. When the PF was accosted for being tribal I was cited as an example of tribal balancing. I walked away.

Yes, they won and I submitted – submission is not silence. Two months in office, all my contracts with GRZ were terminated. Warning: I know how to starve – I won’t bend.


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