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A system integration whose objective is to provide an automated online platform that facilitates a one-stop processing point has been undertaken by Atlas Mara bank and the National Health Insurance Management Authority (NHIMA).

Atlas Mara will under this agreement facilitate e-collection of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

This partnership will cater for both the formal and informal sectors, according to the Atlas Mara Chief Executive Officer, James Koni.

Mr Koni said the Atlas Mara online portal would allow NHIMA to collect health insurance premiums through coordinated and transparent systems.

This would enable members to access quality health care services through the NHIMA scheme.

Mr Koni indicated that premium payments could be be made through the Atlas Mara bank’s internet banking platform.

He explained they the new internet platform would revolutionise the way customers banked online.

“The push for more digital platforms usage are imperative due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the new normal.

“Therefore, as Atlas Mara bank our push for digital payments has been rising even before the Covid-19 pandemic, as more and more people benefits platform and cashless transactions,” Mr Koni said.

NHIMA Director General, James Kapesa, said the partnership with Atlas Mara came at a time when the Authority was expecting the automation and digitisation of all its processes to enhance and ease of doing business with stakeholders.

The partnership, Mr Kapesa said, would make payment of contributions into the National Hath Insurance Fund more manageable and convenient through their digital payment platforms.

“For NHIMA members and Corporate that bank with Atlas Mara, this partnership has indeed removed the barrier of transactional inconveniences. A development that will undoubtedly lead to higher levels of NHIMA compliance and more monetary deposits for Atlas Mara,” he said.

He stated that Atlas Mara was indisputably a valuable partner, considering its formidable digital presence and wide network of branches countrywide.

Mr Kapesa reiterated that the NHIMA model was built on the commitment to facilitate access to quality healthcare for all Zambians.

“Therefore, a partnership with Atlas Mara will aid NHIMA in realising its goal of leaving no one behind,” he said.

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