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THE UPND government to listen to the people and put the interests of Zambians first ibn order to successfully push the country forward, Chief Musaka of Mushindamo district has advised.

He said in an interview that the Patriotic Front (PF) lost power because leaders never listened to advice but opted to do things their own way.

“Zambians are peaceful people who waited for a long time until when they saw that it was time for them to exercise their right of voting and this is what happened on 12th August and people went in masses because they were annoyed inside and that is what they expressed,” he said.

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Chief Musaka said that the people of Mushindamo have numerous expectation from the new government.

“We have talked about the Solwezi-Kipushi road but it has not been tarred up to now,” he said.

Government, he said, should prioritise working on the road to enhance trade between Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Chief Musaka also thanked the former President Edgar Lungu for keeping the country at peace during his tenure of office and conceding defeat to ensure a smooth transition of power.

The traditional leader advised President Hakainde Hichilema to be a brother’s keeper by looking after the former head of State Edgar Lungu well even in his retirement because vengeance was for the Lord.

“My advice to President Hichilema is that we should be a brother’s keeper. Those that have fallen should be looked after in a good manner and they shouldn’t be any sort of revenge to those people because revenge is for the Lord.

“We need to keep them nicely and if at all there is anything that might have been committed during their period in power, I think we have investigative wings who are charged to check on those that did not do well and this should be done in a proper manner,” Chief Musaka said.

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