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THE UPND government must honour its promise to amend the Public Order Act (POA) and to reform the entire constitution, theForum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has urged the UPND government.

FDD vice president Chifumu Banda said the UPND leadership should honour President Hakainde Hichilema’s speech to parliament by ensuring that they refine the POA to level the political field which in its current form disadvantages opposition parties.

Mr. Banda said in an interview that the UPND leadership should stick to its promise to reform the constitution to broaden the Bill of Rights.
He said the constitution needs reform because it has so many lacunas and the UPND government should ensure that they fill the gaps within the first five years in office.

“We urge the UPND government to stick to their programme of action because it is agreed generally that our constitution needs reform,” he said.

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He said Zambians are looking forward to President Hichilema’s assurance in his opening address to parliament that refining the constitution is priority on their agenda.

Mr Hichilema in his opening address to parliament promised that one of the things which will be attended to by the UPND government within their first five years in office would be reforming the constitution, “therefore we can only urge then to ensure they stick to this programme,” Mr Banda said.

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