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THERE is urgent need for Government to address the plight of the vulnerable in society, especially the women and youths from poor urban shanty neighborhoods, says Lusaka businessman Chris Changwereza.

One of Mr Hichilema’s campaign promises was that once elected, his Government was going to, in collaboration with banks, provide near to zero interest loans to citizens especially the youths and Women.   

Mr Changwereza said in an interview that addressing the challenges of the marginalized will require coming up with a responsive and well thought policy on the part of government.

He observed that over the years, successive administrations have concentrated much in coming up with policies and programs to assist people in rural areas, leaving behind many poor citizens domiciled in urban areas.

Mr Changwereza said that he believes that Mr. Hichilema as a businessman himself,   fully understands the difficulties youths and women in urban areas face sourcing capital to carryout small income generating businesses.  

He said Mr Hichilema should lay out an agenda and policy that will ensure his government embarks on a plan that will place emphasis on empowering vulnerable populations especially   youths and women in areas like Kanyama. 

He said other than creating jobs  the UPND should make sure that the vulnerable  have access to available and cheap capital so that they are able to setup business and contribute to the growth of the economy.

He said as the new government gets to work, President Hakainde Hichilema should ensure programs aimed at alleviating poverty levels among the vulnerable groups are quickly implemented.    

Mr Changwereza said many poor women and youths in areas like Kanyama in Lusaka urban, have continued languishing in abject poverty because of lack of empowerment in income generation activities. 

He said going forward,   Government should come up an inclusive program that will benefit all vulnerable Zambians regardless of where they come from or live. 

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