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Govt zeal impresses AZWM

Govt zeal impresses AZWM


COMMITMENT and zeal shown by Government to resolve the many challenges facing the Mining sector will not only spur confidence but also enhance production in the sector, says the Association of Zambian Women in Mining (AZWM).

Newly appointed Mines and mineral Minister, Paul Kabuswe has said his first task in office is to ensure that problems in the Mining sector are dealt with and expand production.  He said the UPND Alliance government has targeted to increase production of copper alone to three million metric tons annually. 

And Association president Grace Njapau Efrati said in an interview that so far, women in Mining have been encouraged by sentiments coming from Government and hopeful that once the new minister settles   in office, he will start engagements with different stakeholders to get their input. 

She said the Mining sector has many challenges especially for women who have for a long time been ignored despite their plea to be fully engaged.  Mrs Efrati also said there is need for mindset change in the country to remove the perception that Mining is only for men, as this has led to women getting discouraged.

She said the participation of women and youths in the Mining sector will lead to increased production, and creation of the much needed jobs.   

Mrs Efrati said the Association has high expectations especially that the person who has been appointed to lead the Ministry of Mines is not new to the sector and therefore understands hiccups in the industry.  

She said it’s encouraging to see the passion in President Hakainde Hichilema’s government aimed at sorting out all the mess and bottlenecks in the sector that are hindering production and leading to loses. 

Mrs Efrati said her association would like to see a local mining sector that is well supported by Government through provision of equipment knowledge training and other incentives that promotes production.

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