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Appointments President Hakainde Hichilema is making represent the aspirations of the UPND Alliance as a whole as all leaders are consulted, alliance media director Thabo Kawana has said.
Mr Kawana said the partners were always part of the decisions that President Hichilema was making. He said the alliance was intact and that the decisions and appointment made by the President represented the aspirations of all the partners.
Mr Kawana said the alliance does not have a time frame but an existing cooperation which may last hundreds of years. “The UPND Alliance is a congregation of like-minded political parties therefore it will stand the test of time,” Mr Kawana said.
He said the alliance was growing stronger by the day owing to the existing relationship among the political party presidents. “Organisations, political parties that are part of this alliance are like minded and share common goals therefore this alliance will last as long as members continue cooperating,” Mr Kawana said.
He said all the presidents of the various political partiess that are part of the alliance have set aside presidential ambitions to build the country through the UPND and President Hichilema. Mr Kawana said the alliance partners have one thing in common, to improve the lives of Zambians which is being done through President Hichilema. He said President Hichilema was consultative and accommodative therefore other alliance partners have no problem. And Mr Kawana has accused the opposition of being petty.
He Mr Kawana said President Hakainde Hichilema was not slow in making appointments but methodical to avoid making mistakes. “What the Head of State is doing is due diligence to avoid making mistakes when appointing members of his cabinet and staff,” Mr Kawana said.

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