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IT is disheartening that Second Republican President Frederick Chiluba has not been rightly honoured despite his immense contribution to the nation, the New Hope MMD has said.

Party spokesperson, Cephas Mukuka said Dr Chiluba deserved to be honoured because his contributions to the nation were second to none.

Dr Mukuka said some critical public assets needed to be named after Dr Chiluba in appreciation for his sacrifices aimed at transforming the nation.

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He said the former President helped liberate the country from the one-party state which had characterised Zambian politics for 27 years.

Dr Mukuka said despite his weaknesses, it was sad that as a man who ruled Zambia for 10 years, he has had no proper public assets named after him.

He questioned how Dr Chiluba’s legacy would be remembered if there were no public assets named after him.

“We want to believe that this new regime of President Hakainde Hichilema will get into the archives and finally honour Dr Chiluba,” Dr Mukuka said.

He said it should be noted that during his reign, Dr Chiluba laid a solid united nation as he had Members of Parliament from all the provinces.

Dr Mukuka said Dr Chiluba’s achievements could not be taken away as they were second to none.

He said Dr Chiluba was also the father of Zambia as a Christian nation, that the status would never be taken away from him.

Dr Mukuka said Dr Chiluba’s contributions to the labour movement was also unmatched.

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