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THE Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway is one project which must be done because it’s economically viable to the nation and the region, Kabushi Member of Parliament and former Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo has said.

Work on the $1.2 billion project have been postponed following a directive by the Ministry of Finance to stop due to financial constraints.

And the Road Development Agency (RDA) said in June this year that work on the Lusaka-Ndola would only resume once the debt situation improves in the country or funds are sourced.

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Mr Lusambo  said in an interview the project should be prioritised because it has direct economic benefits for the country such as direct revenue collection and support to local and regional economic activities.

He said the dual carriageway covering a stretch of 321 kilometers is also important because it’s a gateway to the Great Lakes region.

Mr Lusambo urged the UPND administration to prioritise the completion of the project because of its economic and social benefits to the people.

“This is one of the projects that the PF administration prioritised and wanted to work on between 2021to 2026. It’s an economical road and gateway to the Great Lakes region such as Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, and Mozambique,” he said.

Mr. Lusambo said this is one of the projects that Zambians would want to see completed because it would also ensure a smooth flow of traffic from Lusaka to the Copperbelt and more importantly save lives by reducing road accidents.

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