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THE Constitution requires amending holistically to get rid of lacunas, former Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president Eddie Mwitwa has said. Mr Mwitwa said the overhaul of the Constitution should be informed by the process that people choose to effect the amendments. He emphasized the need to amend the constitution so as to remove any lacunas.

“I am in favour of amending the Constitution so as to remove any lacuna and to ensure that we have one complete document with all previous amendments embodied in one document. “The Constitution does require amending holistically. Whether we should overhaul the Constitution is a question that should be informed by the process that we as the people chose to effect the amendments to the Constitution,” he said in an interview.

And Mr Mwitwa said he did not think that the country had sufficient material to use or build upon particularly the report of the Technical Committee that the late President Sata appointed to look at the amendment of the Constitution. He therefore urged the nation to ensure that the process that was chosen to amend the Constitution protected the content

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