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The need to repeal the public order act (POA) is long overdue, opposition parties have said

According to opposition party leaders, the new government should address the public order act as a matter of urgency just as promised.

Patriots For Economic Progress (PEP) President, Sean Tembo, said the government should keep the promise and ensure that the POA is repealed.

Mr Tembo said in an interview that already the UPND leadership had failed to keep the promise on selling the Presidential Jet, free education and ministers using expensive vehicles such as VX land cruiser.

He noted that there was a tendency by opposition political parties to break their promises once they form government as was the case with the PF leadership on repealing the POA.

“Most political parties when they are in opposition promise to abolish the Public Order Act but we saw that the PF failed so we want to see for a change, the UPND to keep this particular promise on abolishing the public order act,” he said.

New Heritage Party president, Chishala Kateka, said the government should tread carefully on the promises made because Zambians were tired of broken promises.

Ms Kateka said in an interview that Zambians were very awake and alive to the fact that when a government fails to perform, it should be voted out.

She urged the UPND administration to deliver the promises made to Zambians because it is too early to forget.

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