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… give opportunity to scandal-free youths

NEWLY appointed ministers tainted with scandals should resign on moral grounds to instill confidence in the new administration and to pave way for youths eager to serve.

Youth in Action for Sustainable Development programmes has demanded that all ministers who have a blemished past due to corruption or were at one time found wanting and relieved of their duties should walk away on their own.
Youth in Action for Sustainable Development programmes coordinator, Zebedy Lukwesa told the Daily Nation in an interview yesterday that some individuals President Hakainde Hichilema appointed into ministerial positions had a very bad track record and were named in serious scandals when they previously held public office.

He advised such individuals to resign so that President Hichilema can appoint youths free from scandals.
He said most of the people appointed into the new Cabinet were previously chucked out of government because of theft, corruption and other illicit activities.

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Mr Lukwesa wondered why the same individuals would be recycled into the new government at the expense of people with a credible background.
He warned that scandal-ridden ministers deter investors who would want to partner with the Zambian government.
Mr Lukwesa called on all those appointed to introspect and remove themselves from cabinet and allow the President to appoint people with a clean record.

“There are many people President Hichilema would have considered instead of people with a dented track record,” he said.
Mr Lukwesa wondered how scandal-ridden individuals would turn around the fortunes of the country.
He said the nation should expect even worse looting of public resources if tainted-ministers were going to continue in office.
“These already have the experience of corruption so they will not listen to President Hichilema’s directive to be corrupt-free. Better to appoint new people who are still fearful and will easily listen to the President,” he said.
Mr Lukwesa said there were many young Zambians with a clean record who would have been considered for ministerial positions occupied by scandal-ridden individuals.

He said it was disheartening that the youth were left out from the appointments where scandal -ridden individuals had been given an opportunity to serve.

Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) president Sean Tembo is also on record of condemning appointment of people with dented characters to the new administration.
In one of his Facebook posts, Mr Tembo categorized those he considered tainted and advised against their appointment.

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