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DEMOCRATIC Party president Harry Kalaba should prove to the nation that his criticism of former President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front was not personal hatred by offering constructive interventions for the UPND, Lusaka-based cleric Reverend Moses Lungu has said.

Rev Lungu said Mr Kalaba has been playing school politics adding that the DP is now a dead party and has become irrelevant because it has been overshadowed by the likes of Sean Tembo, Andyford Banda and even Highvie Hamududu.

Speaking in an interview, Rev Lungu said that when President Lungu was on office, Mr Kalaba was always criticising him even when he brought positive change in the country. 

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He said that unlike Mr Tembo who has been criticising the government, it is sad that the DP and its leader have remained quiet when the nation had been expecting Mr Kalaba to step up and be a major opposition leader.

He claimed that Mr Kalaba is scared that once he speaks or criticises the new government, he will be dealt with.

Rev Lungu noted that the job of the opposition is to offer checks and balances for the ruling government which he said is no longer the case for the DP and its leader Mr Kalaba.

“Harry Kalaba is not an opposition leader because his party has become irrelevant. Maybe he is scared that they will pounce on him when he starts talking but he should prove that he had no personal hatred for former President Edgar Lungu whom he used to criticise every time.

“The DP just like its initials is now a dead party and my advice is that Mr Kalaba and his party should wake up and provide leadership by offering checks and balances to the new government,“ he said.

He said Mr Tembo, the Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) president has proved that he is courageous and that his party is the only remaining opposition political party so far as shown by how he has been criticising UPND appointments and the BBC interview involving President Hakainde Hichilema.

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