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THE Kitwe City Council has secured alternative trading spaces at Chisokone market for street vendors operating on shop corridors, Town clerk Mbulo Seke has said.

Vendors from Pick ‘n’ Pay, Shoprite and Salvation Army on Matuka Avenue in the Central Business District (CBD) would relocate to the sprawling Chisokone market.

Mr Seke added that the local authority had allowed ungazetted street vending on Chisokone One Way in order to help vendors do some business at a time schedule to be agreed upon.

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The Town Clerk said the local authority would soon be lighting up Chisokone One Way Street in order to increase vending hours on that street.

“We wish to inform members of the public and street vendors operating at Pick ‘n’ pay, Shoprite and Salvation Army on Matuka Avenue that the Local Authority has secured alternative trading spaces for all them in Chisokone market

“In addition, the local authority has gone out of its way by allowing ungazetted street vending on Chisokone One Way in order to help vendors do some business at a time schedule to be agreed by the marketeers and vendors from time to time,” Mr Seke said

Mr Seke explained that every year the council would be constructing at least a market shelter in Chisokone market in order to provide more trading spaces for the unserved traders.

He said the local authority has designated soon to be gazetted markets in various parts of the city such as, Mufuchani Bridge, KCC Bus Stop, St. Anthony, Twibukishe Market, Luangwa Morning Market, Luangwa Stage two, Kampwena, Kapenta Market and Malembeka.

He encouraged vendors and other unemployed youths that, other than street vending, they could consider forming enterprises and explore the business opportunities offered by the solid waste business sector.

But UPND Copperbelt Chairman Elisha Matambo said the decision by the council to remove street vendors from the CBD will not work.

Mr Matambo alleged that public officers intended to frustrate government efforts to uplift the living standards of the people and urged them to remain professional as they executed their duties.

He dismissed assertions that the UPND government had issued a directive to remove street vendors from the CBD.

“Street vendors should be allowed to continue trading in the CBD until such a time when the UPND government through the local authorities secures trading spaces for them in designated trading areas.

“It’s illogical and unfair treatment to remove our people trading on the streets without providing them with alternative trading spaces,” he complained.

He said it was for this reason that the party would not entertain any mistreatment of the people in the province.

Mr Matambo however urged the council to ensure they put in place safety and health measures that street vendors would comply with until alternative trading spaces were made available for them.

[11:00 am, 01/09/2021] Madam Kombe: Misheck Kakonde is wrong advocating deductions of the retirement packages for ECL

Dear Editor,

REMUNERATIONS are calculated based on monthly earnings. The Constitutional Court Judgement about the interpretation of what constitutes a term does not apply when it comes to calculating retirement packages.

The gratuities, pension, Napsa, Workers Compensation earned and other reimbursements are calculated based on the accumulated amount based on the monthly salary.

The monthly earnings accrue and culminate into a total package to be paid as a lump sum as a retirement package for the former Head of State.

Having explained this, MPNVP wish to challenge Mr. Kakonde Misheck, the one who posed the question. We would like to find out the motive he has behind the question.  We wish to pose the following questions begging for his responses:

* What crime has President Edgar Chagwa Lungu committed against Zambians and Mr. Kakonde?

* Why is Mr. Kakonde still resentful towards the former Head of State?

* Is Mr. Kakonde aware that President Lungu’s pension is guaranteed to him by the State and that we have the learned technocrats responsible of calculating his benefits?

* Is Mr. Kakonde aware that President Edgar Lungu will remain on the payroll until his death?

* What interest and motive has Mr. Kakonde in this matter?

* Is the hate and persecutions the former Head of State has gone through not enough?

* Is the President’s package a personal matter or for the State?

* Does Mr. Kakonde take it that his views are widely accepted and embraced by the citizens of our country?

* Is Mr Kakonde a mouthpiece or spokesperson for the aggrieved Zambians who have demonstrated hatred towards President Lungu?

* Will we be quoted wrongly if we concluded that Mr. Kakonde is the pioneer championing ostracism and animosity towards President Lungu?

* Can Mr. Kakonde distance himself from being among the cheering crowds that booed President Lungu at Heroes Stadium August 24?

* Are the sentiments and intonations emanating from Mr. Kakonde’s question not enough in proving that he is promoting hate speech in the Country?

* Does Mr. Kakonde know that President Lungu’s Constitutional Judgement and outcome is now a precedent that will remain in our legal fraternity when it comes to the meaning of the term and that many others would benefit from the same judgement in future?

* Can we guarantee that our country would never experience another death for a sitting Republican President and that a similar scenario and predicament would never repeat itself?

* Are there no other wholesome subjects and topics Mr. Kakonde can choose to talk about rather than focusing on President Lungu?

* Can’t we allow President Lungu to take a rest in his comfort zone?

* Is this not the time to begin following through President Hakainde Hichilema’s legacy and that it is high time we concentrated on the UPND-led Government and its promises?


Although Mr. Kakonde posed the question on the WhatsApp group consisting of high profile individuals, politicians, civil society leaders and clergymen, we have decided to publish his question on our Organisational Facebook page dubbed ‘Movement for Promoting National Values and Principles’ (MPNVP) and the President of the organisation’s page dubbed ‘Joseck Kunda’ who at the same time is the country’s national ambassador for national values and principles for the benefits of the general public.

MPNVP has been observing with concern the hate speech and animosity being perpetuated against President Lungu and wish to warn all the citizens to be wary and mindful of their utterances.


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