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AU Ambassadors bid farewell to colleagues in Berlin – wishes them well

22nd October 2021

The group of the Africa Union (AU) Ambassadors in Berlin, Germany today bid farewell to colleagues Ambassador H.E Nor Eddine Aouam of Algeria, H.E Michael Kamphambe Nkhoma of Malawi and Ambassador Anthony Mukwita at an event at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria in downtown Berlin.
Ambassador Aouam, Ambassador Mukwita and the Malawian envoy, a veteran civil servant thanked the group for the great honour.
For the first time since the pandemic closed down Berlin and other top cities around the world, the AU envoys broke wine and bread together in one room with an about 50 percent turn out at the event that exuded mixed emotions Shakespearean “Sweet Sorrow” akin to the life of diplomats on a regular basis.

Jan Martensen the Head if International Relations at The Waldorf who has been hosting envoys for years said what made him happy about the revolving doors of diplomacy is that diplomats always returned to Berlin or another city in another greater form.
Ambassador Masire Mwamba who put together the picture-perfect traditional event thanked the envoys for turning up to bid farewell to their colleagues.
The African group of Ambassadors in Berlin is a highly respected group that is capable of pushing foreign policy of their countries of origins and is called upon by the hosts for consultation constantly.
Ambassador Mukwita thanked his colleagues for the personal and professional interaction he enjoyed as he represented Zambia.

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