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Blair’s visit suspect, says Peter Chanda

Blair’s visit suspect, says Peter Chanda


THE visit by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a renowned gay rights activist should send red flags to Zambians because the current UPND are planning to realign the values of the nation to those of western countries.

New Congress Party (NCP) president, Peter Chanda said when in New York, President Hakainde Hichilema categorically made it clear that he would align Zambia’s values to fit those of the western world.

Pastor Chanda said that he was not surprised that Mr Blair who had been recognised as one of the top gay supporters of the past three decades, along with figures such as Boy George, Sir Ian McKellen and Barbra Streisand and was given the accolade by Gay Times to mark its 30th anniversary.

Mr Chanda challenged Mr Hichilema to come out clean over the issue because most people were aligning the UPND with gay individuals.

He questioned what interest Mr Blair had in Zambia and that the issue of bilateral talks was not with him but Mr Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister.

Pastor Chanda said Mr Blair’s period as PM saw the lowering of the gay age of consent, bringing it into line with that for straight couples, as well as the introduction of civil partnerships.

He said that it was no coincidence that the president made such statements in America and days later a person who was championing that agenda visited the country.

Pastor Chanda said the President needed to stay away from people who pushed unchristian agendas in the country and that Zambians needed to be wary.

Pastor Chanda said that the President needed not to take Zambians for granted by trying to push queer agendas because it would be a recipe for disaster.

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