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THE New Dawn government must settle down now and focus on promoting good governance and fostering sustainable economic development because Zambians are taking stock of all actions.

Lately, there have been glaring omissions, contradictions and turn-arounds on a number of aspects, which could dent what was an otherwise good start.

A timely reminder to the government is that citizens are more analytical and well-informed now than ever before, what with the emerging robust citizens’ journalism.

Information is in abundance and can be generated at the click of the button from any location at any time.

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Thus, all promises prior to the August 12 polls and policy announcement thereafter are well-documented.

It is for this reason that the new government should come out of honeymoon and handle all national affairs meticulously in front of a highly-expectant citizenry.

Floundering, fidgeting, flouting, flickering and fluffing must not ever be part of this country’s public affairs; Zambians do not expect anything less than sustained success in all aspects.

All policy matters ought to be crystal clear!

Seriously, time is running out on many important national matters such as delivery of agriculture inputs.

It will also be prudent for government to immediately deal with the menacing cadres, who surely must be kept away from bus stations and markets.

There is certainly an urgent need to quickly mop them away from public facilities and engage them in productive ventures through cooperatives.

It will not do to leave them extorting money from hard working marketeers, most of whom leave their homes in the wee hours to order vegetables and other items for sale.

Bus drivers and their conductors, too, wake up early in the morning to ply their skills on busy roads at great risk and cannot be sweating for rogues who mill around public places, extorting money.

Government ought to act proactively, considering that soon the Covid-19 fourth wave will set in and disrupt many economic and social activities.

Therefore, the government must use the available short window to set in motion all economic and social development agendas.


It will be disastrous if the fourth wave breaks out while government is still fidgeting because all plans will be disrupted.

Under such circumstances, attention will be shifted towards fighting the deadly pandemic, leaving all important issues hanging.

Right now economic indicators are not favourable as the Kwacha is racing towards K17 to a dollar while unemployment levels have shot through the roof.

The New Dawn government must double up efforts or else it will fail to implement free education and also fail to reduce prices of agriculture inputs.

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