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INJUSTICE happening at the High Court where justice is supposed to be delivered is so heartbreaking, New Heritage Party president Chishala Katekahas said.

In an interview, Ms Kateka said what happened at the Lusaka High Court last Friday when UPND cadres attacked Mandevu Member of Parliament Christopher Shakafuswa and his supporters was a disgrace and unacceptable.

She said Zambians got rid of the Patriotic Front because of hooliganism and were not expecting it to continue in the new dawn Government.

“It was a disgraceful show by the UPND cadres. It is unacceptable that an injustice was done at the High Court where justice should be delivered. 

“That behaviour is what we voted out PF for. We got rid of PF because of that same behaviour and we do not expect if from UPND members. Unfortunately, the UPND cadres seem to be more violent than PF cadres,” Ms Kateka said.

Ms Kateka challenged the UPND leadership to condemn the act and tame their cadres for the sake of peace in the nation. 

“I think those cadres need to be managed well because if they cannot be controlled in front of the police at the High Court, what more if you meet them in the street? What is even more surprising is that their leaders are quiet, they have not condemned it. The UPND senior officials should show leadership by not only condemning what happened at the court, but also taming their cadres,” she said. MsKateka warned that if not managed well, the unruly cadres can set the country on fire.

Last Friday, there was mayhem at the Lusaka High Court when suspected UPND cadres mercilessly took turns in punching, slapping and kicking Mr Lukas Tompwe, who is Mr Shakafuswa’s witness in the petition case on allegation that he was linked to the death of one of their members.

This happened immediately after the adjournment of the Mandevu Parliamentary petition hearing for continued trial, in a case where losing UPND candidate Aaron Mulope had asked the Lusaka High Court to nullify the election of Mr Shakafuswaas Mandevu MP citing violence and corruption.

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