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UPND cadres at Intercity Bus Terminals in Lusaka have banned buses belonging to PF Eastern Province chairperson, Andrew Lubusha from operating in the station.

The cadres have also broken into the bus company’s offices and looted property including passengers’ luggage.

Mr Lubusha, who is Chipangali Member of Parliament said one of his buses which entered into Intercity on Friday for the first time since the elections was turned away by the UPND cadres.

He said his buses, Andrich Coach Services had not been operating since the day PF lost elections and that he had been engaging colleagues in the UPND over the matter.

“We decided to remain calm and dialogue with our colleagues from the ruling party and on Friday, October 1, we loaded our first bus successfully from Chipata to Lusaka but Lusaka UPND officials operating in Intercity have chased our uses from the station and clearly told us that our time ended the very moment the Patriotic Front lost,” Mr Lubusha said.

He called upon the ruling party to separate Andrew Lubusha, a PF official from Andrich Group because Andrich Company was not political and that it had over 100 employees who freely enjoy different political affiliation.

“Many families shall suffer because of this,” Mr Lubusha said.

Earlier, Minister of Local Government and Urban Development, Gary Nkombo called all PF members who were being chased from bus stations and markets to alert his office so that action could be taken.

A court in Lusaka also ruled that PF members be allowed to operate freely in bus stations and other public places.

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