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We are fed-up, act firmly on AG revelations – Kateka


ZAMBIANS need action, they are fed up with seeing the same issues of misappropriation of funds in the Auditor General’s report without action, says New Heritage Party (NHP) President, Chishala Kateka.

Ms. Kateka said in an interview that it’s worrying that despite the report highlighting more serious issues than before, no action has been taken on the erring ministries.

She explained that when an auditor gives a report, somebody should act on that because it’s not a document for discussion but for action concerning the issues highlighted.

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“We always have these problems, always, are we not really tired? The issues should be getting less and less, not more and more. Every year, the issues are more serious than the year before but nothing is being done about it,” she said.

Ms. Kateka said instead of the issues getting less, they keep increasing and the country has allowed this to happen because those found wanting are not made to account for their actions.

She wondered if the relevant authorities ever act on the revelations in the report, saying it’s only when action is taken that the country would see a reduction in the issues being reported.

“If no action is taken, those in charge of public disbursement of public funds would continue with misappropriation because they know nothing would be done about it,” Ms. Kateka said.

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