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Dear Editor, I WRITE to appeal to the new dawn government through the Local Government minister Mr Garry Nkombo and the Chingola UPND office to quickly address the issue of play boys at Chingola mayoral office. Elections are over and the office of the mayor is up and running to serve the people of Chingola and not well known cadres operating from there as bodyguards when that office has officers managing the mayor employed by the government. It is now an open fact that even the mayor, Mr Johnson Kang’ombe is still behaving like he is still in opposition. President Hakainde Hichilema has made it clear that prudent and serious leadership is expected from his team, that includes mayors and councillors. The mayoral office is now more or less like the trading centre for Mr Kang’ombe’s friends cum cadres where they report for work ev[1]ery day like they are equally employed there. Stop this nonsense be[1]fore it hurts the party. We appeal to the powers that may be to stop this rot before it is taken as normal, the way PF started tolerating the illegalities which became the norm till they got their biggest shock on August 12, 2021. Finally to the mayor, know that you are the father of the district and your behaviour and association should conform to that. Show leadership to the people who gave you the mandate. You are leading a very decent district comprising elders, techno[1]crats, civic leaders of different positions and government officers who definitely need to look at you differently from past years. We are watching from the terraces. CHARLES MWALE, Chingola.

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