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FOUR ministers in the new dawn government are stinking rich because they have corruptly amassed wealth within three months in office, PF Member of the Central Committee Raphael Nakachinda has claimed.

And Mr Nakacinda has alleged that Mukula tree was corruptly being moved daily from Mporokoso, Mkula area passing through road blocks and escorted by some individuals from security wings.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Nakacinda charged that some ministers were corruptly collecting money from investors and business individuals in the name of the President.

“Four ministers have amassed wealth within the three months in Government by trotting from place to place collecting money in the name of Mr Hakainde Hichilema.

And these ministers are now stinking rich,” Mr Nakacinda said.

He said there was grand corruption in the new dawn government and the President should act.

He also claimed that some security wings were giving the President wrong information as far as the fight against corruption was concerned because they were also making money by travelling to foreign countries to look for what was allegedly stolen under the PF regime.

“They have already wasted a lot of public resources travelling to countries across the globe. They have been to Turkey, Belgium, Dubai, South Africa and Swaziland all in search of something they can use to pin on President Edgar Lungu so that they can justify removal of his immunity,” Mr Nakacinda said.

Mr Nakacinda also questioned why the President   had been casting a blind eye on the fertiliser scandal involving his government officials.

He claimed that a husband to one of the ministers is said to have blacklisted most of the business houses involved in the fertiliser business and got a contract for himself.

Mr Nakacinda also called on President Hichilema to live up to his campaign promises by reducing the cost of fertiliser.

He challenged President Hichilema to prove that he is really interested in the fight against corruption by looking into the corruption and theft around the Mukula tree.

Mr Nakacinda said millions of Kwacha were being lost while the President was preoccupying himself with imaginary belief that there was corruption under the PF and that there was a lot of money somewhere that they were hunting for.

He also charged that the drive to remove Mr Lungu’s immunity was motivated by external interests.

He claimed that some imperialist had paid colossal sums of money to some Government surrogates to demand for removal of Mr Lungu’s immunity. 

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