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Chicken growers bemoan low support


THE Zambia Chicken Growers Association (ZCGA) has called on government to support the sector with an enabling environment for bulk chicken production.

ZCGA chairperson Gabriel Mayembe said the sector has not received enough attention and support from the government, making it difficult for the sector to thrive.

Mr Mayembe disclosed that due to lack of support and attention, the price of day-old chicks and chicken feed have gone high making it difficult for farmers to make profit.

“The sector is stunted which can mainly be attributed to lack of support and attention from government.  So, we  hope that the new dawn government will look into our plight as a sector,” said Mr Mayembe.

He was speaking during a meeting for chicken farmers in Solwezi.

Mr Mayembe mentioned that given the necessary support,  the sector had potential to grow, create employment and  contribute to government coffers through taxes.

He has appealed to government to capacity build the association by enabling it to start producing chicken feed for its members.

And North-Western Fisheries and Livestock acting coordinator Elvis Chansa said his office will endeavour to support the poultry industry due to its importance.

Mr Chansa said the ministry of Livestock understands the impact of Covid-19 to the sector as many feed producing companies reduced on production hence the rise in price.

He said his office will offer necessary support to the farmers so that they can increase on their production.

Meanwhile, Provincial Permanent secretary who was represented by provincial executive officer Norin Chainda said government will work with the private sector such as the Zambia Chicken Growers Association to champion the developmental agenda of the country.

Ms Chainda said the poultry industry is one of the large industries which can provide employment and revenue for the country if well harnessed.

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