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Don’t judge President Hakainde Hichilema harshly over his  airport statement allegedly demeaning former leaders.

The Zambia National Youth Think Tank (ZNYTT) has instead  urged Zambians to help the President   with his resolve to redistribute resources to the ordinary person,

Executive Director Mumba Tebulu said instead of reacting in a cruel manner to the President’s comment,  made on arrival from the COP26 climate summit of Heads of States and Governments held in Glasgow Scotland, Zambians should support him for the commitment shown in ensuring that resources are evenly distributed among the people.

Mr. Tebulu  said in an interview that Zambians should be happy that the President talked about redistributing resources to the ordinary person because that would foster development.

“We believe the President has gone through a rough ethical and political persecution period through his political career in a quest to run the affairs of the nation and based on that premise, he should not be judged harshly,” he said.

He said President Hichilema has shown goodwill and means well for the country because he has on several occasions made frantic efforts and statements of reuniting Zambia and should be supported.

Mr. Tebulu has urged President Hichilema and his administration not to let the reactions of a section of society to his   statement swerve him from his main agenda of developing the country.

He has also urged youths in the country to remain united and command a different narrative of issues and promote performance-based politics in the country.

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